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How secure is my location data?

We’ve taken a number of security precautions to ensure that the RAMS cloud is a safe place to keep your data. 🔗 Learn about our security practices

Is this a navigation app?

The apps are primarily designed to record journeys. Mariner includes a set of features that can assist you while navigating and make estimations on the go. 🔗 Learn more about Mariner GPS Dashboard.

Is RAMS file format compatible with other GPX apps?

Yes, you can export each individual journeys to the .GPX format for viewing in other apps. .RAMS3X files are RAMS-specific backup files only compatible with RAMS Dashboard apps Velocity and Mariner.

How do I use the GPS signal from my phone on my watch?

Be sure to have the same app installed on both your handheld device and smart watch. Start the speedometer on your phone to begin recording your journey, then start the smartwatch app and tap the phone icon to set the source. 

How accurate is my GPS signal?

GPS performance is dependent on your device, surroundings, and weather conditions. Accuracy to 3 metes is as high as most smartphones can achieve. Rain, cloudy weather, and tall buildings nearby may affect GPS accuracy.  
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