Watch & Navy is an independent software company specialising in navigation and transport apps. We utilise the latest smartphone and wearable tech to create new ways to explore the world and make journey record-keeping easy and secure. Our ethos is to serve apps that are robust, adaptable, and dependable without compromising on a seamless user experience. 

Founded in 2018, Watch & Navy began as two separate brands; Strange Watch and Strange Navy. We combine our skills from both projects with our industry experience to create practical tools for a new generation of explorers.

Liam Akakpo -- Founder, engineer and designer.
Charlie Baker -- Chief backend engineer
Ori Gross -- Pilot, mobile app tester.
Liam Akakpo -- Founder, engineer and designer.
Charlie Baker -- Chief backend engineer.
Ori Gross -- Pilot, mobile app tester.
🇬🇧 Watch & Navy Ltd is a private company registered in the UK.
Company number: 11617218
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