Multi-Device Energy Monitor for Android and Wear OS
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  • Are the apps free to use?

    Basic features of the app are free to use without a subscription or license. You can purchase a subscription or license to unlock advanced monitoring capabilities and additional remote device monitoring quota.

    Revenue from the app makes it possible for us to continue development, maintain our cloud services and website, and offer timely and personalised customer service.

    🔗 Learn about advanced tiers and pricing

  • Do I have to register to use the apps?

    You will need to sign in with your Google account to monitor other signed in devices remotely.

    Subscriptions and licenses are managed by Google Play, so you will not be required to sign in to use offline features.

  • Which languages are supported?

    The app is currently only translated to English. We are looking to get the app translated into popular languages in the near future. Please use the contact form below to send us any requests.

  • What are the terminologies used throughout the app?

    Check out our Glossary of App Terminology for a list of terms used to refer to battery performance and device types.

Power consumption
  • Does the app itself cause any drain on the battery?

    Energy Monitor 4 is designed to use as little power as possible by only measuring your battery periodically throughout the day, rather than continuously. The more settings and alerts you enable, the more power the app will consume over time. The default settings are balanced to give you the most helpful alerts while having a low impact on battery life.

    Learn which monitor settings use the most power, and how you can fine-tune the app to your particular use case with the following guide:

    🔗 Here are 4 ways to monitor your battery effectively with Energy Monitor 4.

  • Does the app say which other apps are draining the battery?

    The app currently only measures general use and does not measure usage rates of other apps. We may introduce this feature in the future. Please use the contact form below to send us your suggestions.

  • Can I hide the ‘Energy monitor is active’ notification?

    It’s a requirement of the Android OS that all apps running services in the background must show an ongoing notification to the user, which is why the app must show a persistent notification as long as the app is running.

    It is possible to hide the Active Monitor notification using the Android system settings, however we do not recommend this is it may interfere with the normal function of the app, and it will be more difficult for you to determine whether your monitor is running or not.

    Pressing ‘Stop’ will halt the background monitor and all of its functions until you reopen the app. 

    You can toggle ‘Monitor background colour’ under Monitor settings for each device if you’d prefer more discreet notifications to be shown more discreetly.  

    The app is designed to use as little power as possible while idling in the background, however your settings will have an impact on how much battery life is used over time. 

    🔗 Learn more about the different monitor types.

  • What happens if I press 'Stop' on the active monitor notification?

    This effectively pauses your monitors and hides the notification until you reopen the app. Statistics will not be updated and you will not receive any alerts while the Monitor is off.

  • How can I hide old devices from the list?

    You can choose with devices to show in the list in Versions 4.2 of the apps and up. Long-press on any device and tap the eye (visibility) icon. You can also manage all devices at once by tapping ‘Show/hide devices’ in the general settings menu.

  • Why am I not receiving notifications?

    If your device is running Android 13, make sure you’ve granted notification permissions for the Energy Monitor app. The app is optimised for the new Android 13 rules as of version 4.5.34 (December 2022), and will request the necessary permissions when you open the app for the first time. If the app detects that permissions have not been granted, check the monitor settings menu and you’ll see an alert in red at the top of the screen; tap on it to go to the external app settings screen where you’ll be able to grant notification permissions.

    Check your device settings (second tab in settings screen), and make sure there are no warnings under any of your alert settings.

    In some cases, the performance of apps can be limited by Android and Wear OS after they’ve been running for long periods of time. In app versions 4.2 and up, try tapping ‘Restart monitors’ at the bottom the device settings menu. If that doesn’t fix the issue, try restarting your device.

  • Why can’t I find the app in the Play Store on my watch?

    Apps that are not compatible with your device do not appear in the Play Store. Please ensure that your watch is running Wear OS 2+, and Android 8.0.0; you’ll find both of these versions alongside in your system settings menu. Since Wear OS is based on varying versions of Android OS, your watch will need to meet both of these versions as minimums.

  • Why is the chart no longer updating? / Why are notifications not showing?

    Energy Monitor must be running continuously in the background in order to gather statistics and issue alerts. If the app stops recording data, first check to see if the ‘Energy Monitor is active’ notification is appearing on the device. If not, open the app again to start up the monitor again.

    Check your monitor settings for the device and make sure the ‘Periodic monitor’ is switched on.

    You can also try the ‘Restart Monitor’ button in the pop-up panel in the device list (long-press on a device), or at the bottom of the monitor settings list. Check to see that the ongoing status notification appears again in the notification bar.

    In some rare cases, restarting the device may be necessary for Energy Monitor to continue working as normal after it’s been running for a long time.

    🔗  To learn more about how the monitors work, here are 4 ways to monitor your battery effectively with Energy Monitor 4.

    The solutions above are usually successful in restoring the app to normal working order. If you continue to have issues, please contact us via the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Why are my home screen widgets not up to date?

    In order to keep power consumption to a minimum, home screen widgets must be updated periodically, so you may notice that battery level and temperature readings are a few minutes behind. You can set your own preferred interval for monitoring a wearable or remote device periodically throughout the day. Tap the device icon on the left to request a status update manually.

    All Energy Monitor widgets rely on the ongoing monitoring service in order to work. Make sure the notification that says ‘Energy Monitor is active’ is visible in your notifications panel, indicating that the app is running.

    If you are using the Change Rate (type 2) widget, make sure the periodic monitor is enabled for the device you’re monitoring as it will depend on this feature in order to measure battery performance over time. The periodic monitor is switched on for all devices by default. You will not need to change anything unless you’ve switched it off manually.

    Error and status messages

    ‘Waiting for monitor’

    This will appear if the monitor is switched off. Open the app again and ensure that the ‘periodic monitor’ is switched on for the device.

    ‘Awaiting update’

    This may appear if the device status has not been updated for a few hours. This may happen if the device goes offline, runs out of power, or is a remote device that has logged out from the cloud. Check the connectivity status of both devices and confirm they’re online.

    ‘Device not connected’

    You may see this message if a device is no longer accessible. This may be the case if a remote device has been disconnected or logged off. You can either remove the widget, or change the device to monitor via the Widget Settings menu.

    🔗 Learn more about setting up widgets

Compatible devices
  • Which Android devices are supported?

    The handheld app currently supports Android 8.0 (Oreo) and up. The recommended minimum display size for smartphones is 1080 x 1920 @ 420dpi.

  • Which Wear OS Devices are supported?

    The wearable app currently supports devices running at least Wear OS 2.2 and Android 8.0 (Oreo).

  • Are the apps available for iOS/Apple Watch?

    Energy Monitor is currently only available for Android and Wear OS Devices.

  • Will the apps work on my Samsung Gear Watch?

    All versions of the apps are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (2021+).

    ⚠️ Samsung watches prior to the Galaxy watch 4 run Tizen OS and do not support Wear OS.

Remote device monitoring / cloud services
  • How many remote devices can I connect to?

    You can connect up to two devices for free, and will need a subscription or license to link additional devices together. You will need to purchase a Cloud Advanced subscription or license to increase your device quota.

    🔗 Learn about licenses and subscriptions

  • Is my data secure in the cloud?

    All remote device communications sent through our cloud backend are fully end-to-end encrypted, which means the data is only readable once it’s on any one of your devices. You personal key is stored within your Google Drive account – separate from the encrypted data on our severs. Our Google-backed server has ample security rules to ensure that your data is only ever accessible by you.

    🔗 Learn more about EM Cloud Security 

  • Can I receive notifications from remote devices?

    Yes, you can have notifications forwarded across all of your devices with a Cloud Advanced subscription or license.

    🔗 Learn about licenses and subscriptions

  • Why am i seeing the same device multiple times in the list?
    This may happen if you clear your app data without signing out first, as the cloud service will recognise your device as a new installation. To remove duplicate devices, tap and hold on the item in the device list to remove it from the cloud. This will permanently delete the information from your old installation and restore your device quota. To make it easier to identify inactive device listings, you can compare the 4-digit identifier code to the right of the device name to distinguish between two device listings with the same name.
  • Why can't I see my remote devices in the Device List?

    Be sure to sign into the same account on all of your devices, and make sure that you have enough device quota to monitor all of your devices remotely.

    If both devices are online and you're not seeing status updates, make sure that both the device you’re using and the remote device have the latest version of the app installed.

  • How can I change settings on a remote device?

    Tap and hold on an active remote device in your device list to open the options panel and tap ‘settings’ on the right. 

    If remote settings take more than a few seconds to load, make sure that both the device you’re using and the remote device have the latest version of the app installed.

  • Why is my remote device not updating?

    Please make sure the remote device is switched on, has an internet connection, and that the time and date settings on your phone are correct. 

Subscriptions, licenses and add-ons
  • Is there a one-time purchase license?

    Due to the ongoing costs involved in running this app and cloud service, we are unable to offer lifetime licensing. We currently offer a 4-year license option with a 30% saving compared to a rolling yearly subscription for the same length.

    🔗 Learn about licenses and subscriptions

  • Do I need multiple subscription/license for each device?

    No – a license or subscription comes with remote device quota so you can install the app on multiple devices. Please ensure that you are signed into the same Google Play account used to purchase your subscription or license on all of the devices you connect through the cloud.

  • Why is my new license not showing up?

    In some cases, purchased items may remain in a ‘pending state’ for a few moments while your order is processed by Google Play. You can check the ‘licenses and add-ons’ screen via the settings menu and there you’l be able to see if there is a pending order outstanding. Follow the link to the Google Play app to complete your order, and the license should appear in the app.

    You may need to wait a few moments for the item to show up on your other device, or pull down to refresh on the ‘Licenses and add-ons’ menu in the general settings menu to attempt a manual update.

    If you are signed into multiple Google accounts on your device and your subscription, license, or add-on does not appear on your other devices, try uninstalling the Energy Monitor app, then open the Play Store app and switch to the account you used to make the purchase before re-downloading the app.

    If you have any issues with licenses, use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us and we’ll be glad to assist.

  • Do I need to purchase the same add-on on multiple devices?
    No – add-ons are shared across all devices on which you’re logged into the same Google Play account used to make the purchase.
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