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  • Are the apps available for iOS?
    RAMS GPS Dashboards are currently only available for Android devices.
  • Are the apps suitable for navigation?

    The apps are primarily designed to record journeys. Mariner includes a set of features that can assist you while navigating and make estimations on the go.

    🔗 Learn more about Velocity GPS Dashboard.

    🔗 Learn more about Mariner GPS Dashboard.

  • Is an internet connection required to use the apps?
    You can record journeys with or without an internet connection. You will need a connection in order to use online services such as weather information, cloud sync and map.
  • Which languages are supported?

    The apps currently support English and Dutch languages.

  • Are file formats compatible with other GPX apps and devices?

    Yes, you can export each individual journeys to the .GPX format for viewing in other apps. .RAMS3X files are RAMS-specific backup files only compatible with RAMS Dashboard apps Velocity and Mariner.

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  • Are the apps free to use?

    You can use RAMS dashboards for free to record journeys up for a limited time. You can record up to 10 journeys. You can subscribe within the app for unlimited usage.

  • Do I have to register to use the apps?

    Subscriptions are managed by Google Play, so you don’t need to sign into the apps to hold a subscription. You can optionally sign in with your Google account to store your journey records in the RAMS cloud.

  • Can subscriptions be shared between apps?

    Subscriptions cannot be shared between the apps as each one relies on a different set of features and services.

  • Can I access my uploaded data after cancelling my subscription?

    Yes – the apps offer flexible subscriptions so you can subscribe for as long as you have journeys to record. You will always have access to any data you’ve unloaded to the cloud, whether or not you have an active subscription.

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  • Which devices support RAMS?

    RAMS GPS Dashboards currently support Android 8.0 (Oreo) and up. Layouts are optimised for smartphone/wear OS smart watch displays only. The recommended minimum display size is 1080 x 1920 @ 420dpi.

  • Can I use the apps on my Samsung Gear/Galaxy watch?

    RAMS wearable apps can run on any Wear OS watch, including the 2021+ Samsung Galaxy Watch4 models. Samsung Gear watches released prior to these are not supported, as these run on Tizen OS.

  • Why does it take so long to get a GPS signal?

    In order to measure your speed accurately, RAMS GPS Dashboards will wait for a high-accuracy signal before your journey can start. This means it will often take slightly longer than other apps to find your locations.

    In case it takes you longer than 15 seconds to find a GPS signal, you can disable the timeout in the settings menu to allow more time under tougher conditions.

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  • How accurate is my GPS signal?

    GPS performance is dependent on your device, surroundings, and weather conditions. Accuracy to 3 metes is as high as most smartphones can achieve. Rain, cloudy weather, and tall buildings nearby may affect GPS accuracy.

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  • How secure is my location data?

    We’ve taken a number of security precautions to ensure that the RAMS cloud is a safe place to keep your data.

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  • How do I use the GPS signal from my phone on my watch?

    Be sure to have the same app installed on both your handheld device and smart watch. Start the speedometer on your phone to begin recording your journey, then start the smartwatch app and tap the phone icon to set the source. 

  • How precise is the weather information?

    Weather data is provided from the closest weather station to your location, via the OpenWeatherMap API. 


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