How to Use Velocity GPS Dashboard to Monitor Average Speed On The Go

Velocity GPS Dashboard is a journey recorder and smart GPS navigation display for Android and Wear OS. The app features several speed guidance features to assist you in regulating your speed while travelling. The Average Speed Monitor (ASM) feature, inspired by the UK’s Average Speed camera zones, helps you track your average speed throughout your journey.

Here’s how you can start using Velocity’s Average Speed Monitor:

Average Speed Monitor – Velocity GPS Dashboard for Android
Average Speed Monitor activation, Velocity GPS Dashboard for Android

The RAMS series (Road Air Marine Speedometers) is a range of handheld and wearable GPS Dashboard apps tailored specifically to different modes of transport; Velocity for land vehicles and Mariner for marine vessels.


Average Speed Monitor for Android

📱 Handheld app only.
🚗 Best suited for driving.

Getting Started

The Average Speed Monitor (ASM) helps you monitor your average speed throughout subsections of your journey. Start the timer to display your average speed from that point onwards.


Simply tap the ASM button in the bottom-right corner to start. The dial changes color, and a timer appears, indicating that the app is monitoring and displaying your average speed. Tap again (or tap the timer) to disable ASM and reset the timer until needed again. The speedometer displays your average speed in tangerine orange while in ASM mode, making it easily distinguishable from your current speed.


The app calculates the displayed average speed from the moment you start the timer until you stop it. This calculation differs from the overall average speed shown in the journey panel, which the app measures from the start to the finish of your journey.

Average Speed Camera zone in the UK

Download Velocity GPS Dashboard

Velocity’s ASM is designed to help you to keep your speed in check while navigating average speed check zones as they appear in the UK. Always prioritize safety by securing your phone upright on your dashboard or windscreen before setting off.

🇬🇧 Refer to GOV.UK for the laws on using a phone or a sat nav when driving in the UK.

Download for Android and Wear OS on Google Play:

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