RAMS Wearable App Update: Journey Recording Capability and design improvements – What’s New In Version 3.9

The new RAMS GPS Dashboard updates are live and ready for a new year of adventure. This wearable app-focused update features stability and design improvements, journey recording capabilities, and optimisations for the latest version of Wear OS. Here’s what’s new in the RAMS 3.9 apps:

RAMS 3.9 series (2024 Q1): Velocity GPS Dashboard VM-3.9.X (left), Mariner GPS Dashboard MM-3.9.X (right)
RAMS 3.9 series (2024 Q1): Velocity GPS Dashboard VM-3.9.X (left), Mariner GPS Dashboard MM-3.9.X (right)

The RAMS series (Road Air Marine Speedometers) is a range of handheld and wearable GPS Dashboard apps tailored specifically to different modes of transport; Velocity for land vehicles and Mariner for marine vessels.


Changes to the wearable apps ⌚️⌚️

We’ve made a number of improvements to the design of the wearable apps for all-round better usability:

Active Journey Controls, RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X for Wear OS

Active journey controls, RAMS 3.9.X

Record journeys on your watch

Record Journey Settings, RAMS Wearable GPS Dashboards 3.9.X

Record Journey Settings, RAMS 3.9.X

You can now record journeys on your watch without tethering from your smartphone. Use the app in ‘standalone mode’ and you’ll notice a ‘record journeys’ switch near the top of the settings menu. This will be switched on by default. Keep this switched on and your watch will record your journey as it does on the handheld app. Once you complete your journey, it will be sent to your handheld app automatically.

Connectivity mode switch, select standalone mode to enable journey recording on your watch. RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X for Wear OS

Select connectivity mode, RAMS 3.9.X

Smart watches have a lot less storage capacity than handheld devices, so this new feature is more suitable for recording shorter journeys. To record longer journeys (an hour or more in length), we recommend that you use the handheld apps to record, and set the watch app connectivity mode to ‘tethering mode’ (see guides for Velocity/Mariner).

Be sure to have at least version 3.9 installed on your handheld device to receive the journeys from your watch.

Your recorded journeys will be stored on your watch until they’ve successfully been copied to your handheld device. Just check the journey records list on your phone after recording and you will find the recordings from your watch.

Velocity GPS Dashboard and Journey Recorder for Android and Wear OS

Journey record transfer, RAMS 3.9.X


💡 If you’d like to record longer journeys on your watch without having your phone present, consider increasing your ‘GPS update interval’ in settings (1 second by default) to use less battery power over time and get more life out of your watch.


Ongoing journey status

Ongoing journey status, RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X for Wear OS

Ongoing journey status in recents, RAMS 3.9.X

Your journey activity status will appear in the recents menu of your watch while the app is running, showing the current status of your journey (inactive/paused/active), and the elapsed time of your active journey.

The active journey notification remains unchanged, and is necessary to continue recording your journeys in the background while allowing the screen to go off or while you use other apps.


New settings input screens

Numeric input screens, RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X for Wear OS

Numeric input screens, RAMS 3.9.X

Number selection wheels have been redesigned to allow more precise and quicker inputs. Minimum and maximum values are shown on screen. Options selection screens have been redesigned to highlight your choice with a radio button on the left.

Options screens, RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X for Wear OS

Option screens, RAMS 3.9.X

💡 Use your watch’s rotating crown or bezel to scroll through any list of options.

Learn more about the RAMS Wearable apps:


Improvements to the mobile apps 📱📱

Version 3.9 features a more refined user interface and compatibility with the new versions of the wearable apps. Button and text sizes have been revised all throughout the apps to be more legible and easier to operate on devices of all sizes. Under the hood we’ve improved stability by fixing recently reported bugs.

We’ve added new data privacy options that will pop up when you start the app to give you more control over the data shared with our advertising partners. Check out our privacy policy for more information.

RAMS 3.9 series (2024 Q1): Mariner GPS Dashboard MM-3.9.X (top), Velocity GPS Dashboard VM-3.9.X (bottom)

RAMS GPS Dashboards 3.9.X in action

This early 2024 update paves the way for a new wave of features we’ll be rolling out later on in the year. Your feedback and support has been instrumental in guiding the development of these apps, and we’ve got more of your requests planned in to our 2024 roadmap.

Feel free to write to us any time and we’ll continue to do our best to deliver the features that matter to you most. Thank you for downloading, and safe travels!

Download Velocity GPS Dashboard for road vehicles on Google Play

Download Mariner GPS Dashboard for marine vessels on Google Play

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