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Improved Usability, New Info Panels, and NMEA Connectivity – What’s New in RAMS 3.8

The RAMS 3.8 Dashboards have just launched on the Play Store to make your 2023 journeys even more memorable. Version 3.8 improves on both the handheld and wearable apps with upgrades to the dashboard and settings screens. Mariner 3.8 introduces NMEA connectivity so you can stream location and wind data directly from your boat’s onboard […]

Happy New Year 2023!

2022 has been a year full of adventure and constant learning. Joining the Port City Innovation Hub up in Liverpool taught us so much about the maritime industry and what we can do to help even more sailors and road users. We’ll be putting this new knowledge into action in the new year. The Energy […]

Export Battery Performance Logs Into CSV, Plaintext, and JSON Files — Energy Monitor 4.5 File Formats

The Energy Monitor 4.5 file export capability enables you to create detailed battery performance reports for in-depth technical analysis. This guide explains how you can record and export battery performance data from your Android and Wear OS devices, and describes the three different file formats currently available. Topics: Energy Monitor is a performance and temperature […]
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