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Mariner GPS Dashboard – Export Logbook to Plaintext for Blogging and Presenting

Mariner GPS Dashboard features an automated logbook capability that records your progress, position, engine running time, and weather info between regular intervals. As of Mariner 3.6, you can export your logbook data in a versatile and easily-readable Plaintext format (.txt). Plaintext is the most ideal of all the export formats for blogging and presenting. It’s […]

RAMS 3.6 Rollout – Day Passes, PlainText Logbook Exports, Styling Improvements and More

The RAMS 3.6.+ updates roll out on the play store this week with some essential upgrades ahead of summer. This new release features design improvements, new logbook capabilities for Mariner, and the new day pass offering as an alternative to subscriptions. RAMS (Road Air Marine Speedometers) is a range of mobile and wearable GPS Dashboards tailored […]
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