Mariner 2.0 — Marine GPS Dashboard and Journey Recorder for Android and Wear OS

Introducing Mariner GPS Dashboard for Android and Wear OS – a comprehensive sailing dashboard for your Android Smartphone and WearOS watch. This handy navigation tool uses GPS to calculate your speed in real time, assists you in planning your journeys and keeps records for your logbook.


Mariner extends your boat’s cockpit onto your handheld and wearable devices, making it easy to keep an eye on your course from anywhere on board. You can keep records of your journeys for your logbook, and track your mileage and performance over time. 


Calculate your journey time over any distance with Mariner’s Course Planner and Journey Estimation Tool. You can use this to plan passages in advance or estimate how much longer your journey will take under current conditions at your live average speed.

Mariner is part of the RAMS (Road, Air & Marine Speedometer) range by Watch & Navy.

Visit the RAMS Mariner page to see the app in action.

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