3 AI Tools for Monitoring Android Device Battery Performance – Energy Monitor 5

Energy Monitor is an battery performance and temperature monitor for Android phones, tablets and Wear OS smart watches, now with integrated AI for better analysis and helpful insights. The app measures your power consumption to predict battery life for the day ahead. Get better insights and actionable advice to help you to keep your device batteries in good health for longer. 

AI Features – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS
AI Capabilities of Energy Monitor 5

AI Insights for All Your Devices

As of version 5, we’ve introduced three new AI features to give you better insights into your device battery performance. Here’s how to make the most of these features to identify trends, diagnose issues, and get helpful recommendations on how to get the most out of your devices.


1. Analyst Chat Bot

The AI Analyst is your new personal assistant for all things related to battery performance and analysis. You can ask this interactive chatbot about anything related to battery performance and maintenance. It delves deeper into chart data, making it easier to diagnose performance issues and identify recent negative and positive trends. It offers useful advice on improving habits for better battery longevity, so your devices can remain in good shape for much longer.


Handheld app

AI Health Check – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

Select ‘Chat with analyst’ in the device menu to start a session with the AI Analyst.

You can choose how much data you’d like to share with the Analyst, from 48 hours up to 30 days. You can ask the analyst to identify trends in the recent weeks, such as whether your battery life has gotten better or worse over time.

The Analyst can also talk you through troubleshooting issues with your device, and offer helpful recommendations based on your recent battery logs.

The Energy Monitor AI is still in early stages, and may be prone to making mistakes occasionally. Please tap on the ‘Report error’ icon (third from the right on the bar at the top) to report any errors to our team. We will endeavour to improve its capabilities as soon as possible.

Report an error – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

2. Health Check Summary

A Health Check is a quick assessment and summary of the last 48 hours of your battery data. The AI takes in-depth look at your recent usage to inform you of any outstanding trends over the past day. Any conditions that affect the longevity of your battery will be highlighted with a helpful recommendation on how to better maintain your battery life in the long run. 

Handheld App

AI Health Check – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

Health Check summaries are brief; you can always ask the AI Analyst for more information. You can write notes on each of the health check items to keep track of any conditions that may have had an impact on your battery that day.

You can run one health check per day for free. Subscribe or purchase a license for more frequent health checks throughout the day.

💡 Health Checks can be run for any device on the device itself or remotely. Records and notes will be stored on the cloud so you can access them remotely from any connected handheld device.


Wearable App

AI Health Check – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

You can run a health check on your smart watch by selecting ‘Health Check’ under the ‘Charts and more’ option on the main screen. This summary will remain available for several minutes; it will not be saved to the device. You can also run a Heath Check for your watch from your handheld devices to keep records of the results.

Tap OK to dismiss when you’re done with the heath check. If you think the AI is mistaken, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Report Error’.

AI Health Check Report Error Button – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

3. Daily Summary Notifications

👑 Advanced Feature

Schedule a Daily Summary notification once daily to analyse your battery performance and notify you with a summary. Similar to a Health Check, the past 48 hours of battery data will be analysed to compare the past day to the day before to let you know of any positive or negative trends or any issues you should be made aware of that may need further investigation.

Handheld App

AI Daily Summary Notifications – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

A shortcut from the notification will take you to the Battery Analyst for deeper insights and helpful recommendations.

Wearable App

Daily Summary Notification Settings – Energy Monitor 5 for Android and Wear OS

Daily summaries work the same way on your smart watch. Scroll down in the Settings menu to set your ideal time to receive the notification.

💡 Daily summaries are issued in the early evening at 18:00 by default.


Privacy and Security

Your privacy and security are top priorities in everything we do. Our AI Services are cloud based, so when you use any of these services your battery data is sent to our Cloud for processing by the AI. No data that identifies you personally is ever sent to our AI, or used for any training purposes. Learn more in our Privacy Policy:


Errors and Reporting

⚠️ Important– please report any issues!

All of our AI Features are cloud-powered and will evolve over time as the technology develops. There will always be room for improvement. As a Generative AI service working with unique datasets every time, we cannot predict that all responses will be helpful all the time. As with all current AI systems, in rare cases, it will undoubtedly make mistakes.

All the AI features include included an option to report errors and to provide us with the feedback. Please use them to send us feedback– this will greatly help us to improve the AI to give you better answers. We’ll endeavour to respond to these as quickly as we can. 



AI Services involve third-party APIs that aren’t free to consume; therefore we are only able to offer limited use to non-paying users.

You can use the AI Analyst and Health check once daily in the free version of the app. Daily Summary notifications are only enabled with the Advanced package. Subscribe or purchase a license for unlimited use of all AI features.

Learn more about Energy Monitor pricing:


AI Battery Monitor for Android

Energy Monitor 5.0 for Android and Wear OS
Energy Monitor 5.0 for Android and Wear OS

Harnessing the latest technology has been the spirit of Watch & Navy since our beginnings under the Strange Watch brand in 2016. This new advent of AI has opened up so many possibilities, and Energy Monitor is the first of our apps to make the most of this incredible advancement to provide you with a cutting-edge experience.

Please be sure to report any issues as our AI will be continually evolving. We will be monitoring these reports and responding to them as soon as we can. We hope you enjoy this update and find it most useful. We’d love to know what you think – do get in touch to let us know how you’re finding the app and what we can do to improve. Be sure to check out the other monitoring features to make the most of the app.

Thank you for choosing Energy Monitor!

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